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Anastassios Nanos

Researcher at CSLab, NTUA

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VHPC 14 @ Porto, Portugal!

Exciting papers & talks in VHPC 14, held in conjunction with EuroPar 2014 at Porto!

Hobbes: Using Virtualization to Enable Exascale Applications Ron Brightwell, Sandia

Agile Infrastructure at CERN: Moving 9’000 servers into a private cloud Helge Meinhard, CERN

and a bunch of interesting papers regarding important challenges when HPC is migrating to the cloud!

VHPC 13 @ Denver, CO!

Exciting talks in VHPC 13, co-located with Supercomputing ‘13 at Denver, CO. Take a peek:

The Evolution of the ARM Architecture Towards Big Data and the Data-Centre. John Goodacre, Director, Technology and Systems, ARM Processor Division

Maximizing performance with cloud-virtualized Dataflow Engine co-processors. Jacob Bower, VP of Application Engineering, Maxeler Technologies Ltd.

Flexible Storage for HPC Clouds with Archipelago and Ceph. Vangelis Koukis, Technical Lead, ~okeanos cloud at GRNET

The Benefits and Challenges of vHPC and Cloud. Josh Simons, Office of the CTO, VMwareComputing

[VHPC ‘12] @ Rhodes Island, Program Online!

Check out the program of [VHPC ‘12]. Some interesting papers along with two exciting talks about virtualization and HPC from the CERN VM team and [~okeanos] from GRNET!

[VHPC ‘12] @ Rhodes Island, held as part of EuroPAR 2012

The 7th workshop on Virtualization in High-performance Cloud computing is going to be held at Rhodes Island, Greece, on Aug. 28th.

Intern @ Maxeler Technologies Ltd.

Up until March 2012, I was at Maxeler Technologies Ltd., doing an internship on Virtualizing Accelerators for the Cloud. Thanks to the HiPEAC network of excellence, I was given the opportunity to be a part of a state-of-the-art company, working with interesting people, pursuing bleeding edge industry projects! Fascinating experience, I will have to write more about this when I find some time :-)